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Artificial intelligence robs us of the freedom to choose food

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International companies invest in the production of vegetable meat using artificial intelligence International companies invest in the production of vegetable meat using artificial intelligence Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

How is plant based food a tech trend?

Vision Egypt News: - The technology giant Microsoft continues to master all aspects of human life, as a person finds himself without the right to choose what to eat, after the artificial intelligence technology, supported by Bill Gates, in the field of food control and the innovation of vegetable meat.

In this direction, we find a group of companies around the world that have entered into massive investments in the food industry with flavors that suit consumers' desires, including: -

- Firmenich of Switzerland, which is considered the largest privately owned company for perfumes and flavors in the world, announced the creation of the world's first artificial intelligence flavor, a 100% natural roast beef flavor for use in vegetarian meat isotopes or alternatives.

The company is also performing advanced testing using several new AI flavors to be launched soon.

- NotCo, a Chilean company, is using machine learning to identify vegetables that closely resemble the molecular structure of the dairy or meat they will replace.

The Chilean company NotCo raised $ 85 million a month ago to expand into the US market and valued at $ 300 million.

Among the most important investors are L Catterton Partners, co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone, General Catalyst, and The Craftory, the private investment company of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

- A "Beyond Mate" uses a technology system to break down plant materials into their constituent parts - amino acids, fats, and minerals - and then rebuild them using a heating, cooling and pressure system.

The result is a raw reddish-brown pastry that is similar to animal meat in terms of taste and texture.

Major investors include Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, and former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson and America's largest meat processing company, Tyson Foods.

- Impossible Foods is an American start-up founded in 2011 that develops vegan alternatives to meat products, and in March it secured a $ 500 million investment to place the company at $ 4 billion.

Its technology labs have developed heme, the molecule that gives meat its bloody taste when raw and creates intense flavors and aroma when cooked.The main source of heme in meat is the protein myoglobin.

Using data analysis it was shown that soybeans make a functionally identical protein known as legemoglobin. It is made in the roots, but extracting it is difficult and expensive.

Scientists at Impossible Foods designed a type of yeast to make legemoglobin found in the roots of soybeans. They grow this yeast in fermenters, to get a lot of legemoglobin, at a cost that enables them to sell their burgers at a competitive price.

And recently, impossible Foods has expanded to approximately 200 additional restaurants in Canada.

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