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AVS, Re-it, Lemonade Fashion, Drapp Startup Projects Presented in the 3D initiative of the Holy Spirit University - Kaslik

Friday, 16 April 2021
Lebanese-French businessman, former head of the "Renault-Nissan" alliance, Carlos Ghosn announces that he will help the youth Lebanese-French businessman, former head of the "Renault-Nissan" alliance, Carlos Ghosn announces that he will help the youth

Daily Times: - In an appearance in the media as after the escape from Japan, the Lebanese-French businessman, former head of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Carlos Ghosn spoke about the importance of young people trying to establish their own companies, because today there are many opportunities available due to the changes taking place in the world. Artificial is one of the most important factors of change, as well as the availability of new products and services.

Carlos Ghosn, who carried out the most mysterious and shocking escape from the Japanese capital, Tokyo, during a meeting of the Investment and Advisory Council for Startups at the Holy Spirit University - Kaslik, held within the framework of the three-dimensional initiative launched by the university entitled: “Moving Forward,” he said Here today, let's help young people who have a unique idea that they have developed.

He explained, "We help them on how to grow their business locally and internationally and on how to establish a successful company, and we also look at ways to support them if they are in need of financing."

He added, “I encourage everyone to do this work and make a change in society, because this is an opportunity for him to secure an abundant financial return in the first place, in addition to providing job opportunities and contributing to strengthening the local economy.”

During the meeting, four owners of startups presented their projects to the members of the Board who provided them with advisory advice and decided at the end to support all of them after gaining their confidence, as it is innovative and deserves to be invested in it.

As for the presented startup projects, they are:

  • AVS: An intelligent video analysis platform that collects real-time video data and turns it into actionable and effective insights to increase productivity and security.

This platform allows facility managers to use this data to improve productivity, safety, and security conditions.

The solution offered by AVS is inexpensive, easy to implement, and can easily be secured with an existing PC server connection.

  • Re-it: This project aims to recycle wine bottles from the consumer to the winemaker.

This project is still just an idea, but an actual business model that gets market recognition.

  • Lemonade Fashion: is a web-based platform for designers, which brings together technical innovation and designers to bring the latest trends and the latest designs into fashion.

The platform provides basic, simple and luxurious designs with the goal of making each piece of clothing unique.

Design and measurement are carried out at any time and place.

  • Drapp: it is an application that provides communication between patients and the doctors of their choice in order to obtain medical advice over the Internet.

It is the first application of its kind in the region, opening the door to a wider spread of digital health and telemedicine.

Once connected, the patient can get medical advice online, anytime and anywhere, from doctors of his choice.

This application aims to bridge the gap of time and distance between the patient and health care providers in light of facilitating the provision of medical care using modern technologies.

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