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Search for a Bugatti car is the most expensive in history Bugatti car search is the most expensive car in history

Search for a Bugatti car is the most expensive in history

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Bugatti is an oval two-door coupe that extends almost to the ground at its end.

The car has disappeared since World War II, and has not yet appeared, and disappeared from the biggest mysteries and the biggest mystery in the history of cars.

The car is based on an old classic Bugatti design, the SC57 Atlantic, first designed by Jean Bugatti, the eldest son of the founder of the company Ettore Bugatti, in 1934.

This classic design of the black Bugatti, there are only four cars, made between 1936 and 1938, 3 of which still exist, but the fourth car is missing since World War II or specifically about 80 years ago, and is still being sought until right Now.

At the world's first luxury car show, Pebble Beach Concourse Diligence, Monterey, California, in August 2019, the black Bugatti Le Voit Noir was on the show and was sold at a price close to $ 19 million, specifically $ 18.68 million.

If the missing car is found today, its value is estimated at $ 100 million. Note that a car of the same model, sold in 1936 at auction for about $ 40 million, and is likely to be the main reason behind the high price to be elegant, luxurious and rare.

The first car was made specifically for the British banker, Victor Rothschild; it was blue and gray.

The third was for Frenchman Jacques Holzcho; in October 1936, while the second car was for a car collector who died in a car accident, and his Bugatti was completely destroyed, but it was reassembled and manufactured for decades later, and is now owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Jean Bugatti had the fourth car, but nothing was known about it after 1938, and whether Jean Bugatti had sold it to a racing driver who was a friend of Bugatti or not, but it was taken from its sanctuary in France when the German army invaded Alsace.


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