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Disaster postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Japan will cost exorbitant money

Disaster postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Japan, Egyptian News Vision: - Postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for one year, it will lead to heavy costs and a significant logistical challenge for the organizers, while new deadlines for the biggest sporting event in the world have not yet been set.

"We have to make sure that the problems we face are solved one by one," said Toshiro Motu, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, at the first meeting of the working committee.

He added: "We believe that the additional costs resulting from the postponement will be very prohibitive," without providing any estimates.

According to the Japanese daily "Nikai", the delay may cost $ 2.7 billion, including site rental fees, changes to hotel reservations and additional fees for employees and security personnel, among other things.

And "Nikkei" quoted a source close to the file that these additional costs can be reduced according to the results of negotiations between the various parties.

"Moto" confirmed that the organizers would not give up their current plans but explained: "I think we have to go back a step back, sometimes you have to reconsider the plans."

In December 2019, the organizers estimated the total cost of the Tokyo Olympics at 1.350 billion yen, equivalent to 11.5 billion euros.


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