Kuwait ends the services of 25 thousand foreign employees in public sector jobs

Kuwait:- Kuwait decided to assign public sector jobs to Kuwaiti citizens instead of foreigners, and began to end the jobs of 25,000 foreign employees working in the government sector, and to employ Kuwaitis instead of them during the coming period.

As a start, the Kuwaiti Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee said: "4,640 expatriates were laid off in two years, and another 25,000 will be covered soon."

The number of Kuwaitis waiting for the job in the Diwan has been reduced to only six thousand, and they will be distributed to government agencies during the coming period, in addition to "employing 1500 in the banking sector in the coming days."

According to the change policy pursued by Kuwait, 3,140 arrivals were dispensed in 2017, and 1500 arrivals in 2018, according to Diwan representatives at the meeting that reviewed parliamentary proposals, the majority of which are in the civil service laws related to employment, in addition to the employment of Kuwaitis and the necessity Exclude them from the change policy.

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