Saturday, 19 September 2020

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Maglev is Japan's flying train technology The first line connects Tokyo with the city of Nagoya

Maglev is Japan's flying train technology

Japan developed high-speed rail technology with the new technology, which is high-speed trains that fly in the air, and do not run on traditional railways; and it bears the name "Maglev", which is the future of trains in the coming decades.

The train can reach speeds of 600 km per hour, and does not use conventional wheels; rather, it flies above ground at a height of 10 centimeters in the air.

On the side walls of the new train lines, there are magnetic coils, which push the magnet on the train and help it stay suspended in the air, preventing it from slipping.

Heavy friction on conventional rail trains reduces their speed while moving over bars.

The new technology is slated to enter service in 2027, and project owners say they have completed the stages of technology development, leaving only search for land to implement the project. Japan's central rail company says it has agreed to fund the project.

It is scheduled to connect the first line between Tokyo and the city of Nagoya, which is located south of the Japanese capital.

According to a Japanese official, the train's speed reached 600 km in the tests, but it will not exceed 500 during the flights that transport people, indicating that the priority is for safety, not speed.

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