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Saturday, 28 December 2019 19:08

"Star Link" project to connect the Internet to all parts of the earth

"Star Link" project to connect the Internet to all parts of the earth "Star Link" project to connect the Internet to all parts of the earth

The inhabitants of northern Italy saw lights in the sky, which were precisely compact, which worried some, especially those who believed that aliens existed in outer space.

On social media, the residents of the region reported their views, and some linked those lights with aliens who might be in the process of testing Earth.

It turns out that these lights were the second group of satellites within the project of American billionaire Elon Musk, called "Star Link", which aims to connect the Internet to all parts of the planet.

The satellites, which began launching since November 2019, to settle into a special orbit around the planet formed a luminous series around the earth, which launched those lights that worried the inhabitants of northern Italy, according to what the British newspaper Express reported, according to experts from the Italian Astronomical Observatory, who said Residents can now sleep safely without the slightest fear of a possible space invasion!

The Elon Musk project relies on launching thousands of satellites (about 30,000 small satellites), which serve telecommunications and are stationed in low-orbit space close to the sky of the planet.

And communications between satellites and each other and with the Earth will not start completely before the completion of the establishment of a satellite ring around the planet completely, and then SpaceX will get the green light to start work.

Thus it may take several years for all satellites to be launched into Earth orbit. Of the 12,000 satellites to be launched in the first phase of the project, only 60 of them have so far been put into orbit.

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