Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Myanmar army seized power in the country and detained Leader Aung San Suu Kyi, handing over power to Army Chief Min Aung Hlangen.

The Myanmar military has announced that it will hold elections that will determine who deserves power in the country.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, set the rules of the “pain society and the cadres of the“ Justice and Development Party ”in the face of the“ LGBTQ community, ”which he described as saboteurs and that his party’s youth do not belong to these homosexuals, during a speech in Ankara addressed to the cadres of his conservative Islamic Justice and Development Party.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The non-governmental organization "OVD-Info" said that the Russian police carried out the largest campaign of arrests against protesters who demonstrated demanding the release of opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Tunisian street is still rising, and the protesters' demands have risen, as the slogans raised by the demonstrators in the main street in the Tunisian capital demanded a change of the regime in the country and the departure of the current politicians, led by the Islamic Ennahda Movement.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The new US administration headed by Joe Biden will continue Donald Trump's path in expanding Israel's alliances with the Arab countries, and will face Russian and Chinese expansion, according to the US National Security Adviser, Jake Salivan.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A terrorist cell belonging to the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" organization was thwarted in the Russian province of Kaluga, calling for the establishment of a "global caliphate."

Tunisia: The ministerial modification of the Tunisian government won the confidence of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People despite the president of the republic and a popular objection.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Colombia's Defense Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, died from the Corona virus, according to what the government announced there.

The Colombian government said he died of a viral pneumonia related to the Coronavirus.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Tunisian judge, Makki Ben Ammar, said that he would not resort to the Tunisian judiciary, which is ranked the second worst after the judiciary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in his efforts to obtain his right after his indecent assault occurred while he was in Burj Al-Amiri prison after he uncovered corruption and a plot to strike food security Tunisian.

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