Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A state of anticipation in the American street with the beginning of the countdown to the inauguration of the US president-elect, Joe Biden, as the fifty major American states, and the capital, Washington, have intensified security measures and raised the level of alert in anticipation of possible armed demonstrations from supporters of the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- North Korea's official media described a newly revealed weapon as "the most powerful weapon in the world."

North Korea's new weapon is a submarine-launched ballistic missile that was displayed during a military parade under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Reuters quoted the US federal prosecutor as saying that the protests of the Trump supporters were not a rejection of the results of the US elections, but rather they were intent on “kidnapping and assassinating elected officials” in the US administration, during the siege and storming of Congress.


Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The packing of the belongings of outgoing US President Donald Trump and his administration officials has begun.

President-elect Joe Biden's administration will begin a sweeping clean-up campaign for the White House a week before his inauguration and Trump's departure from the White House for the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Dubai United Arab Emirates: In Afghanistan, young people expect that some normal chores such as going to work or visiting a friend will end with death, so they always carry a "pocket note" as soon as they leave their homes.

The paper clips carried by young Afghans help paramedics determine the blood type of the injured person and how to save his life.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt began implementing the first steps of reconciliation with Qatar that resulted from the Al-Ula summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be the last country among the four countries that boycotted Doha to open its airspace to Qatari airlines after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The president in charge of forming the Lebanese government, Saad Hariri, used texts from the Bible to respond to what was contained in a leaked video of Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

Hariri responded, through his official account on "Twitter" with two tweets, in the first: “From the Bible - The Book of Wisdom: Wisdom does not enter the hourly soul with deceit, nor does it dwell in the flesh. / 1" In the second he mentioned: “Because the holy spirit of discipline flees from deceit, turns away from foolish ideas, and is defeated when sin is present.” 2/2


Dubai United Arab Emirates:- It seems that the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, will be the first president to leave the back doors of the White House into the courtroom, stripped of all the privileges he would have had in the event of his admitting defeat and helping the smooth transfer of power to the president-elect, Joe Biden.


Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Russian Air Force raided and destroyed a convoy of oil trucks heading from northern Syria to Turkey, according to Russian media and a Syrian source, with a drone, while other sources said it was by a fighter plane.

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