Vision Egypt News: - The reasons that prompted former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to intervene in Libya in order to kill the late leader, Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, were subject to interpretation until the mail messages of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed these reasons.

Vision Egypt News: - During the presidency of Barack Obama, the US administration tried to undermine the stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, according to the emails of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose secrecy was revealed.

Vision Egypt News: - The email scandal of the former US Secretary of State and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 has returned to the fore, haunting the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Vision Egypt News: - Despite the political vacuum in which it is living, Lebanon is conducting negotiations with Israel to demarcate the maritime borders in the presence of the Director General of the Lebanese Presidency, Antoun Choucair.

Vision Egypt News: - Israel announced that it would not allow the United States of America to sell F-35 fighters to Qatar, according to what was stated in a statement by Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen on Army Radio.

Vision Egypt News: - While irregular migration to Europe is an obsession that haunts the northern Mediterranean countries, forcing them to pump aid to the governments of immigrant countries, this obsession between Italy and Tunisia is of special grants, crystallizing in the coordination of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Vision Egypt News: - New Zealand is living in the midst of the general elections that will determine who will win the formation of the government from these two politicians, the leader of the opposition National Party, the lawyer and former minister, Judith Collins (61 years), and the Chair of the Labor Party, the current head of government, Jacinda Ardern (40 years).

Vision Egypt News: - In violation of diplomatic norms and international law, the American ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, stormed the Western Wall Square, visited some of the facilities and buildings related to Orthodox prayers - and the prayer area for religious people there, and listened to the so-called "Old Town Development" committee of the Israeli municipality and the interior. The projects being implemented there, where 3 mega projects are being implemented.

Vision Egypt News: - After what was rumored about the health of the American president after he was infected with the Corona virus, and was transferred to the hospital by military plane, Donald Trump was released from the hospital to refute all of this.

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