Vision Egypt News: - According to Israeli intelligence reports, the Lebanese Hezbollah is working to produce accurate missiles for use in the war against it, and that training on these missiles and missiles is taking place in Iran, while the project is taking place in three sites in the Jnah neighborhood in Beirut that the party previously presented as civilian sites.

Vision Egypt News: - After the US President, Donald Trump and his wife were infected with the Corona virus, the White House said that the president's morale is good, and he showed slight symptoms.

Vision Egypt News: - It seems that the objectives of the normalization of the Emirates and Kuwait with Israel were to curb Turkey's attempts to impose its authority on Al Aqsa to form a pressure force on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, and the goal of normalizing the Gulf states with Tel Aviv was not to stop the Israeli annexation plan.

Vision Egyptian News: - Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah assumed power in Kuwait, after the death of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, awaiting his allegiance to an Emir by the members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, to be the sixteenth Emir of Kuwait.


Vision Egyptian News: - Emir of Kuwait (January 29, 2006 - September 29, 2020), Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (June 16, 1929 - September 29, 2020).

Vision Egyptian News: - While governments around the world devote all their capabilities and efforts to confronting the Corona pandemic, the Turkish government has a different opinion.

Vision Egyptian News: The French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanan, spoke about what he called "Islamic terrorism", referring to the stabbing that took place in front of the headquarters of "Charles Hebdo" magazine, after it published satirical cartoons of the Prophet of Muslims and Islam.

Egyptian News Vision: - After a meeting with the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, Mustafa Adeeb apologized for the formation of the new Lebanese government, after efforts that lasted nearly a month during which he did not find the necessary consensus on forming a ministerial, in light of French pressure on the leaders of Lebanon to join hands until the country gets out of its grinding crisis.

Egyptian news vision: - In a unique move, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, offered a formal apology to his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, for the killing of one of his officials, saying it “would not have happened.”

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