Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The State of Qatar has returned to the Gulf home after reconciliation with the boycotting countries during the Al-Ula summit in Saudi Arabia, where the United Arab Emirates announced that it would reopen all land, sea and air ports to the Qataris, according to the Emirates News Agency.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The storming of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump was the cause of the suspension of the work of the US Senate and the mass resignations of a number of US officials.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Washington municipality announced the imposition of a curfew in the city, starting at six in the evening, and a curfew was announced in the Capitol building, and the joint session of the House and Senate to ratify the results of the presidential election was suspended after Republican representatives objected to the results of Arizona.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- On Tuesday, the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council states signed the final statement of the 41st Gulf Summit, hosted by the Saudi city of Al-Ula.

The Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, revealed, on Tuesday, the details of the final statement of the 41st Gulf Summit, which was hosted by the Saudi city of Al-Ula.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized an oil tanker bearing the South Korean flag and escorted it in the Persian Gulf.

"Russia Today" website said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said that the ship that it seized was heading towards South Korea, carrying 7200 thousand liters of ethanol, and was carrying sailors from South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Since the assassination of the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, by an American operation near Baghdad in 2020, and the Iranian threat to retaliate for his death, until the memory of his killing fell without actions on the ground.

Dubai United Arab Emirates : The armed militias affiliated with Turkey from the Government of National Accord in Tripoli have organized demonstrations to protest the lack of payment of their salaries, according to military and media sources in Libya, as dozens of Syrian mercenaries demonstrated inside the Police College in Tripoli.

Source // sputniknews // Dubai // United Arab Emirates // The main reason for the US focus on using artificial intelligence in the development of the US army was the focus of a talk show with a Russian military expert, who said that the desire to win the war is always the reason.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi decided to quit political life and step down from the Blue and White party. He held a conversation with the leader of Blue and White, and Benny Gantz announced that he respected his decision.

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