Egyptian news vision: - "Other countries may join normalization with Israel," said US President Donald Trump to an election rally in Nevada.

Egyptian news vision: - The rates of floods and rains in Sudan exceeded records and caused the deaths of about 100 people, which prompted the declaration of a state of emergency throughout the country for a period of three months, according to a statement by the Sudanese Ministry of Interior.

Egyptian news vision: - The Minister of Interior in the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fathi Ali Pasha Agha, was suspended from reserve work and referred to an administrative investigation after gunmen shot protesters.

Egyptian news vision: Iran allowed the IAEA monitors to enter two sites previously identified by the agency, in order to verify Tehran's nuclear activities.

Egyptian news vision: - Although the Israeli authorities have not given permission to stage the demonstration, hundreds of Israelis have demonstrated against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing three counts of dishonor.

Egyptian news vision: - The UAE’s initiative for normalization with Israel has opened the way for several Arab countries to extricate their relations with Tel Aviv from secret to openness, especially the Arab Gulf states.

Egyptian news vision: - Accelerated steps to implement the agreement between the UAE and Israel, according to which Tel Aviv halted a plan to annex more Palestinian lands.

Egyptian news vision: - The agreement signed by Egypt and Greece in the Mediterranean has begun to be reflected in the reactions of Turkey and France, and the moves that the two sides have initiated.

Egyptian news vision: - Soon, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates recorded their presence through statements of solidarity with Iraq against Turkish violations, after the attack that targeted an Iraqi border guard vehicle by a Turkish drone.

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