Tunisia / News Vision / Awad Sallam / The Libyan and Libyan General Conference will be held in Tunis, which will include various Libyan parties to draw up a code of honor to build a "new Libya" and seek to bring together the various Libyan parties to discuss and find solutions to end the country's division and crisis. Beginning of February 2018.


Jordan, The Jordanian Army, Al-Ghad Newspaper,The Jordanian armed forces carried out intelligence and quality operations, in which they managed to avenge the Jordanian pilot, Mu'ath al-Kassabeh, who organized the Islamic state to kill him, according to Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mahmoud Freihat.

Tunisia, protests, Tunisian economy, follow-up, For two days, Tunisia witnessed protests that started from within and spread to the center of the capital, similar to the demonstrations of the end of 2010, the beginning of 2011, which toppled the Ben Ali regime.

Egypt, Egyptian Presidency, Follow-up, Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, who returns from the UAE after six years outside Egypt, said he would not run for the upcoming presidential elections in 2018.

"I saw that I would not be the best person to lead the state in the coming period," Shafiq wrote on his official Twitter account.

Saudi Arabia, Agencies / Eleven emirs demonstrated at the Royal Palace in Riyadh to protest the government's decision to stop paying their electricity, gas and water bills, local media reported.

They were arrested, according to the Saudi Attorney General in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Sudan has intensified tension between Cairo and Khartoum, prompting Sudan to recall its ambassador to Egypt for "consultation."

The Sudanese foreign ministry said in a brief statement on Thursday it had decided to "summon Sudan's ambassador to Cairo, Ambassador Abdelmahmood Abdel Halim, to Khartoum for consultations" without giving further details.

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah spoke of himself, for the first time, during a meeting he held in the program "The Game of Nations" on the channel "fields."

Hassan Nasrallah revealed his monthly salary, which he receives in the party, and his hobbies.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense confirmed that the plane of Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Mohammed Al-Khader and his accompanying delegation, which was on an official visit to the Republic of Bangladesh, fell.

Iranian television announced the death toll, which fell, during five days of demonstrations, which pervade the country.

Iran's state television said 10 people had been killed in the protests sweeping the country, Sky News reported in an emergency report.

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