Former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, sent his letters before he wished the revolution caused by the first Kurdish president to rule Iraq, political tension between Erbil and Baghdad, when his body was wrapped with the knowledge of Kurdistan rather than the flag of Iraq.

The funeral attended by the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and Speaker of the Parliament of Iraq Salim Jubouri and a large number of political and diplomatic figures; and the absence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, who assigned one of his ministers to represent, was an example of dispersion of the Iraqi body.

Talabani: This is what happened

The Executive Committee of UNESCO will meet in Paris this week, and for the first time a draft resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be presented since April 2013 at a UNESCO conference.

The group of Arab states, headed by Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, have abandoned their intention to put forward a draft resolution against Israel to vote on it, a draft resolution criticizing Israeli government policy in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"The actions of the Government of Sudan in the past nine months show that it takes seriously cooperation with the United States," the State Department spokesman said.

The United States imposed an economic blockade on Sudan, 20 years ago, which was partially lifted by former US President Barack Obama for a trial period of six months before leaving the White House.

The security chief of Saudi Arabia overthrew a terrorist cell belonging to ISIS organization in the capital Riyadh. Security forces killed two members of the cell, arrested five others and raided three sites.

According to the Saudi State Security Council, the terrorist cell was targeted at the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh by a suicide attack. Three of the sites were raided in Al-Rimal neighborhood, east of Riyadh.

The restroom contained a factory to manufacture explosive belts and explosive devices to be used in the commission of their terrorist crimes. Inside it was a senior suicide bomber after the site was surrounded by an explosive belt, which caused his body to explode in the interlude and the fire and a nearby lounge.

Iraqi forces announced the liberation of the last stronghold of Da'ash in northern Iraq completely, after the restoration of the center of Kadaa Elhawija in another full, after the storming of the center of Hawija and disinfection of several axes, two weeks after the start of the second phase of the process of liberation.

The process of liberating Kadaa Elhawija was conducted in cooperation between the army, the special forces, the Iraqi police and the Popular Militia. They reached the city center after penetrating the defenses of the state organization from the west and liberated five villages.

The Libyan port of Benghazi, which had been closed for three years, returned to work under the control of Khalifa Haftar, who controls the eastern part of Libya.

The commercial operation in Benghazi port ended in 2014 following the occupation of Islamic armed groups in the city. These groups were expelled in July 2017 by the forces of Khalifa Haftar after nearly three years of fighting.

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