After Riyadh was charged with direct aggression against Iran by providing missiles to the Al-Houthi militias in Yemen, would Saudi Arabia decide with Iran in the coming hours?

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said that Iran's offer of missiles to the al-Houthi militia in Yemen was "a direct military aggression," the official SPA news agency reported Tuesday.

An Israeli newspaper said that the plane that the brother of the Saudi monarch, was shot down by a fighter belonging to the Saudi Air Force.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that the helicopter carrying Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and his eight companions were shot down by the Saudi authorities and all were killed.

The Saudi authorities in Asir region are looking for a helicopter that was lost on Sunday evening 5/11/2017. According to preliminary information, the plane was carrying a number of officials in the Asir region and government agencies in the region.

Saudi authorities have arrested 11 emir, four current ministers and dozens of former ministers for questioning on corruption charges, Al Arabiya television quoted unnamed sources as saying.

The Balfour Declaration, passed by 100 years and still British reject it, and still British governments celebrate, and even proud of the establishment of the State of Israel on the land of Palestine, has left more than five thousand people in an anti-Israel march in London against the "Balfour Declaration" and a protest against Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in London to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who resigned on Saturday, said that "Iran's hands in the region will be cut off" and refused to use Hezbollah's weapons against Lebanese and Syrians.

Hariri said: "Iran controls the region, and the decision in Syria, Iraq and Yemen."

The United States, for the first time, launched two raids in Somalia against an anti-Da'ash organization, resulting in deaths

Somalia has been active in al-Shabaab.

 "In coordination with the Somali federal government, US forces launched air strikes against Da'ash in northeastern Somalia, killing several terrorists," the Pentagon said in a statement.

Tunisian police officers marched in the courtyard of Bardot, near the capital, following the arrest of their colleague Riyad Barouta, who died of severe injuries to his neck when he was stabbed Wednesday. The attacker was arrested immediately after the attack.

A Tunisian police officer who suffered a terrorist attack in front of parliament near Tunis on Thursday died of his injuries, the interior ministry said.

The ministry spokesman Yasser Mesbah said Maj. Riyad Barouta "died" after being seriously wounded in the neck when he was stabbed Wednesday. The attacker was arrested immediately after the attack.

The attack occurred near the Bardo museum, which was attacked two years ago, killing 21 Western tourists.

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