Video, the militants of the state organization join the armed factions in Idlib

The war in Syria, Opposition activists from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that more than 400 militants of the state organization and their families and dozens of wounded have surrendered themselves to the Sham Liberation Organization, which forms the backbone of the terrorist Front and its allied factions in Al Khawain area in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib. To which the State has recently organized.

The so-called "Free Crusade" operations room of the "Free Syrian Army" announced that dozens of state organizers, who managed to infiltrate into the south-eastern countryside of Idlib from the besieged enclave recently combed by Syrian forces, were killed by clashes for more than three days, He also confirmed the detention of the remaining hundreds in the town of Al-Khwain, where "these prisoners will be treated according to the requirements of justice, law and security necessities."

The Chamber has handed over 340 terrorists, including 80 women and children, to the militants who control the area, with pictures and videos showing dozens of detainees.

For its part, the Channel4 reported that the latest developments in the hot spots in Telgram that the members of the organization who were held yesterday by the elements of the "Liberation of the Sham" and its allies, following clashes in the vicinity of the town of Umm al-Khalakhl, said that their group includes about 400 armed men, Stressing that they were forced to breach the cordon imposed on them by the Syrian army, contrary to media allegations of government forces allowed the fighters of the organization to leave the enclave without fighting.

The channel pointed out that the militants of the organization found themselves between the hammer and the anvil, as they were forced to confront the government forces and the "Liberation of the Sham" and allied factions in the province.

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the militants of the state organization join the armed factions in Idlib
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