The candidate of Al-Nahda, Souad Abdel Rahim, is the first president to head the Tunisian capital The candidate of Al-Nahda, Souad Abdel Rahim, is the first president to head the Tunisian capital
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Tunisia: The first woman to win the presidency of the capital city, and Al-Nahda in the forefront

The Movement Al-Nahda, the Islamic Movement in Tunisia, won the presidency of the capital city, and made the event to be the candidate of the movement, Suad Abdel Rahim first sovereignty presiding over that municipality.

The list of Al-Nahda movement in the municipality of the capital, led by Suad Abdel Rahim, led the results of the municipal elections by 33.8 percent, according to a poll published by Tunisian state television.

According to the published data, the "N,daa tunis" (55 deputies) came in second place with 25.8 percent, then the "democratic trend" (3 deputies) by 10.7 percent, the "civil coalition" (coalition of 11 parties of the Liberals and the moderate left) (A coalition of 11 left-wing and nationalist parties and 15 deputies) with 6.8 percent of the vote.

On the national level, Al- Nahdha movement led the results of the municipal elections. According to the results of the poll, which was broadcast on state television, the "Tunis Appeal" came second with 22.5% of the vote.

According to the poll, conducted by a private company for Tunisian television, the remaining percentages were distributed to the rest of the parties and the rival party coalitions.

The Supreme Electoral Commission announced that more than 170 polling stations out of 4552 public centers had witnessed an "exceptional situation", as they opened their doors to the voters one hour late than scheduled due to security reasons.

The municipal elections were conducted under difficult economic and social conditions, and voters hope that elected municipal councils will solve many problems related to hygiene, the environment and the service sector.

In 350 municipal districts, 2,074 are competing, 1055 of which are party lists, 159 are coalition lists, and 860 are independent lists. The total number of candidates exceeded 50,000, 52% of whom were under the age of 35.

According to the Higher Commission for the Tunisian elections turnout in the municipal elections amounted to 33.7%.

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