Abeer Mousi: We have established a constitution for the Third Republic and the date of the move is coming The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abir Mousi

Abeer Mousi: We have established a constitution for the Third Republic and the date of the move is coming

Tunisia / Monastir / The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abir Mousi, said in response to accusations by some leaders that the party had frozen their activities because of disagreements with her about statements she considered settling accounts with her political opponents: "We do not have a response to them" because they know they are wrong, There is a coup plan in coordination from outside with some hands from the former regime who want normalization today with some parties, which we consider to be a red line, and perhaps used them.

The Political Bureau of the Free Constitutional Party, has frozen the activity of 6 leaders waved their withdrawal from the party recently, because of a dispute with the President of the party Abeer Mousi against the backdrop of recent statements and positions of political opponents, who considered it liquidation of special accounts, according to a news site.

Abeer Mousi, in a special statement on the sidelines of a party organized by the party in a hotel in the city of Monastir, said: "According to the party's basic law, there is no schism within it, but since the" stability "conference we have said that there is no" free constitutional " "The party will not put its hand in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood (the Islamic Renaissance Movement) or in the hands of the one who puts his hand in their hands."

And referred to this approach or principle agreed upon from the outset and whoever goes out one way or another will find himself outside the "free constitutional", by law and by its statute.

Moussa said that the party had set a date for the field struggle the party would undertake in order to push for rid Tunisia of the destructive system.

Moussa explained that the real crisis in Tunisia is political, not economic or social, and that the Constitution of January 14 was put in place to dismantle Tunisia by dispersing the decision sites and then weakening them.

She said that the party has drawn up a comprehensive constitution, but it is necessary to sensitize citizens, elites and national forces who must realize that the stage is short and that Tunisia is in a disastrous situation. .

Moussa said that the "constitutional" seeks to correct the path and the establishment of the Third Republic...

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