Tunisia: Shakhan's debate on consensus puts the government in the face of parliament Tunisia: Shakhan's debate on consensus puts the government in the face of parliament
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Tunisia: Shakhan's debate on consensus puts the government in the face of parliament

Tunisia / Awad Salam, Tunisian President Béji Caid Sibsi said that the Nahdha Party decided to end the consensus on which the democratic process was built, referring to its adherence to the Prime Minister Youssef Al-Shahid, asking him to resort to parliament to renew confidence in his government.

The statement of the President of the Republic quickly reflected the reaction of the Party of the Renaissance Movement, where it issued a statement confirming its adherence to the compatibility with the President of the Republic, and that the choice of consensus is credited with the fabrication of the Tunisian exception. It remains the ideal ground for the stability of Tunisia and the management of differences in terms of national responsibility and mutual respect.

During the dialogue held by President al-Sibsi with one of the private satellite channels, he indicated that he has the right to run for the upcoming presidential elections, but he did not confirm the intention in this, but pointed out that his son Hafez Qais al-Sibsi, the center of the political dispute after the argument that broke out between him and the president The government does not mean those elections.

The Renaissance movement reacted with this statement and praised the President of the Republic for the reassurance of the Tunisians on the holding of the presidential and legislative elections in a timely manner to enhance the course of the democratic transition and enhance internal and external confidence in the Tunisian experience.

This debate in the statements and statements between the President of Tunisia and the party of the Renaissance movement comes as the country is experiencing a severe economic crisis that threatens the explosion of the street, especially after the recent climatic conditions, which proved the erosion of infrastructure and the neglect of officials and government, and reflect the extent of corruption that spread in the joints of the state.

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