Tunisia: With the fall of Nabil Karoui, will Qais Said compete with Abdel Fattah Moro?

Presidential elections in Tunisia and the approaching rivalry between Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates: - Tunisia's early presidential elections have become overwhelming and barely giving clear indications as of this writing.

The surprise of the first round was the rise of two unexpected candidates for the second round: constitutional law professor, Qais Said, who, according to clear data, did not campaign, and the second, a controversial media man, jailed for involvement in financial corruption cases, And tax evasion, Nabil Karoui.

This surprise still comes with surprises.

The beginning was what social media sites simulated about the supporters of Qais Said, from the Salafi jihadists and Islamic parties, especially the Ennahda party, suggesting that the Islamists will be in Carthage Palace.

While the man behind bars, whom the judicial authorities refuse to release and allow him to campaign, events have accelerated and revealed a major catastrophe that may have completely removed him from his party's presidential and legislative race, and his supporters hope that if he does not reach the post of president Tunisia, it will inevitably be the head of government.

The catastrophe is a document posted on the US Department of Justice's website concerning Nabil Karoui's contract with a Canadian political lobbying firm, Loping, run by a former Mossad officer.

The document included clauses stating that Nabil Karoui commissioned the company "Dickens and Madson," a specialist in public relations and mobilization, to campaign for his benefit, the purpose of organizing meetings with US President Donald Trump, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and other actors active to support him in the presidential elections US $ million.

A portion of the contract value ($ 250,000) has been paid with the remainder pledged before mid-October 2019.

Dickens & Madson is run by former IDF intelligence officer Ari Ben Menashe, an international arms dealer and former adviser to the Israeli prime minister.

The political parties reacted to Nabil Karoui 's violation of Tunisian sovereignty and a desire to influence the voters' choices through substantial funding.

Indeed, the matter was brought to justice by political parties that accused Nabil Karoui of attacking the external security of the state, money laundering, receiving political parties for money from foreign parties and possession of funds abroad.

Since the issue erupted ahead of the second round of the presidential elections on October 13, 2019, and there are at least two fixed crimes, namely the search for foreign support, and exceeding the ceiling of electoral funding, it may result in dropping the nomination of Nabil Karoui and his lists in Sunday's legislative elections.

These developments put the Independent Electoral Commission in a crisis, and in a statement to the Tunis-Africa News Agency, the head of the commission, Nabil Bfoun said that the Commission was informed of the published documents, and that the Commission will verify these documents and what is contained in them to know how to classify them in the form of health and take the necessary action.

An investigation has also been opened to investigate the sources of funding for the head of the Tunisian livelihood association Olfa Terrace, and Ennahda's involvement with the Lobieg companies in the United States, Tunisian economic and financial judiciary spokesperson Sofiane Seleiti told TAP.

Africa News. If Nabil Karoui is found to be involved, and then removed from the presidential race, Qais Said is in competition with the representative of the critical party Ennahda, Abdel Fattah Moro, putting the Tunisian voter in front of a choice between Salafism and the Islamist movement.

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