Tunisian presidential candidate, Nabil Karoui in the first reaction of his prison

Tunis / Awad Sallam / The Tunisian legislative elections had to be influenced between the first and second rounds of the presidential elections, so that the voters and political parties rearranged their cards according to the results and parliamentary seats. These results seem to have prompted the Tunisian media man behind bars and the candidate. For the presidency, Nabil Karoui is moving towards the postponement of the second round of elections, in which the man of law, Qais Said, will compete.

Hours away from the results of the Tunisian legislative elections, which sounded opinion companies said that the party "heart of Tunisia" led by Nabil Karoui has won 33 seats, second only to the Islamic party "Ennahda", which won 40 seats, and these results necessitate All parties enter into coalitions in order to obtain 109 seats within the People's Congress, so that they can form a government.

Based on these data, Nabil Karoui's lawyer has petitioned the administrative court to postpone the elections until Karoui is released so that he can campaign.

He explained that the petition was based on a lack of respect for equal opportunities between the candidates, and the Administrative Court had confirmed that it had received the petition without specifying the time limit for its decision.

Candidate Qais Saeed, a constitutional lawman who first came out in the first round of the presidential election, said he would suspend his election campaign out of respect for the principle of equal opportunities with his rival.

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