Friday, 18 September 2020

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A new Israeli government of homosexuality or a fourth election Amir Ohnaia disputes over ministerial positions in Israel

A new Israeli government of homosexuality or a fourth election

Egyptian News Vision: The Israeli government lives in a thorny struggle in light of disputes over ministerial positions, despite the agreement to rotate and extend the government’s term from 3 to 4 years.

The existing disagreements among the leaders of the Likud party over the ministerial positions, and with the expiry of the deadline for the Knesset to present a candidate to form a government in front of the Israeli president, and if 61 signatures are not delivered, Israel will go to a fourth election.

Meanwhile, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu wants to assign Miri Regev, one of the party's symbols and leaders, to the Ministry of Transportation while giving her additional powers, while "Regev" wants the position of the Ministry of Internal Security, which Netanyahu opposes.

Netanyahu wants to assign the Minister of Justice, "Amir Ohnaia," to the Ministry of Internal Security, known for his homosexual inclinations.

And if appointed, Amir Ohnaia will be the first minister with homosexual tendencies to assume this position.

Netanyahu and Gantz also discussed the fate of the Ministry of Health, as there are still no agreements on it, as Netanyahu demands Gantz things he is not prepared to provide.

The "right" party leader, Naftali Bennett, is calling for the Ministry of Health to enter the new government

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