A train derails in a tunnel, eastern Taiwan

April 02, 2021
The accident occurred on the first day of the 4-day "grave-sweeping" festival in Taiwan. The accident occurred on the first day of the 4-day "grave-sweeping" festival in Taiwan.

Taiwan, Daily Times: - A train derailed in the East Taiwan Tunnel near the Toroku Gorge, causing 72 injuries and killing at least 36 people, while 350 passengers were on board.

The train was heading to Taitung when it derailed into a tunnel just north of Hualien, causing some of its cars to hit the tunnel wall.

It was reported that a truck fell from a higher cliff and fell onto the tracks, where a train coming out of a tunnel collided with it.

With most of the train still trapped in the tunnel, fleeing passengers had to climb doors, windows and roofs to reach safety.

Hualien County Rescue Department said the truck apparently collided after the locomotive exited, causing the most damage to vehicles 1 to 5.

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