Thursday, 24 September 2020

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American F-35s for the Emirates Trump accepts a "frightening" deal with the UAE in return for normalization with Israel

American F-35s for the Emirates

Egyptian news vision: - As a continuation of the deals to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel, Abu Dhabi will acquire F-35s, according to what US President Donald Trump announced during an interview with Fox News.

Although Trump believes that this deal may be feared by some, he hopes through it that other Arab countries will join the UAE in closer relations with Israel.

The acceleration of the steps of the Gulf states, from the UAE, through Saudi Arabia, to Bahrain and Muscat, as part of Donald Trump's election campaign, comes after his failure at the domestic political level.

The strengthening of Israel’s position in the Arab Gulf is considered a golden opportunity that no American president has achieved that may push the Jewish lobby in the US Congress to support Trump’s position in his competition with Joe Biden towards the White House.

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