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Amnesty International attacks Saudi Arabia because of Newcastle And question "Vision 2030"

Amnesty International attacks Saudi Arabia because of Newcastle

Egyptian News Vision: In a £ 300m deal, the Saudi Public Investment Fund paid an unrecoverable advance to the owner of the English club, Newcastle, Mike Ashley.

The fund, supported by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, paid 17 million pounds, and the Premier League authorities must consider whether the new buyer party meets the criteria followed by the tournament.

But Amnesty International's director, Kate Allen, has sent an English Premier League chief, Richard Masters, warning him of losing his organization's reputation if the sale is approved.

"As long as the questions (related to human rights in Saudi Arabia) did not find a solution, the English Premier League ventures a loss of its reputation by those seeking to use its luster to cover up their immoral behavior," the letter said.

She added: "All institutions must protect themselves against any possible links in connection with the violation of human rights laws, and the English league is no different."

She added, "It is more than just a financial process, it is a matter of reputation related to the prestige of the English Premier League and the passion of the Newcastle supporters base."

The purchase plan for Newcastle comes in light of the increasing Saudi investments in the field of sports, which fall within the framework of the Kingdom's "Vision 2030" to diversify sources of income and reduce dependence on oil revenues.

In the past months, Saudi Arabia hosted a series of sporting events such as the Italian Super Cup and Spanish football, in addition to the Dakar Desert Rally at the beginning of this year.

But Amnesty International considers that what Saudi Arabia is doing in the field of sport is to divert attention from its violations of human and women's rights.


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