Saturday, 19 September 2020

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An accountability session for the President of the Tunisian Parliament Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia

An accountability session for the President of the Tunisian Parliament

Egyptian News Vision: - The Tunisian Parliament will hold a public session on the third of June 2020 to hold the speaker of Parliament, the head of the Islamic Al-Nahdha Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi.

During the plenary session of the Tunisian parliament, the speaker of the council will have to explain his interventions in the Libyan crisis, and his foreign contacts regarding Libya, and on Tunisian diplomacy.

After the recent military developments on the Libyan territories, Ghannouchi had stated that there is no military solution to the conflict in Libya, but he was quick to contact Fayez al-Sarraj and congratulated him on the control of his militias on al-Qaeda.

During the phone call, Ghannouchi told Al-Sarraj that Tunisia is directly affected by everything that is happening in Libya, and is concerned with the return of security and stability to the neighboring country.

Seven political parties (the Popular Movement, the Workers, the Tunisia Forward Movement, the Socialist Party, the National Social Democratic Party, the Qutb, and the Baath Movement) condemned the phone call.

The seven parties considered that Ghannouchi's move is considered "a transgression of state institutions, and its involvement in the Libyan conflict alongside the Brotherhood and its allies."

These parties demanded the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, "to respond to the positions of Rashid Ghannouchi, which are positions that accuse the accusations directed at Tunisia of providing logistical support to Turkey in its aggression against Libya."

The parties called on the powerful forces and national organizations to "take a firm stand" towards Ghannouchi and his group, who "are trying to plunge Tunisia into the Libyan conflict and implicate it with the Turkish occupation, which poses a great threat to Tunisia and the region."

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