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Corona inside the presidential palace in Iran Former Iranian ambassador dies after being infected with the Corona virus

Corona inside the presidential palace in Iran

Iran, Tehran: - The emergence of the new Corona virus escalated in the Islamic Republic, and appeared in sensitive positions in the country, which may make it one of the most affected countries in the region, especially after many neighboring countries decided to close their borders with it, such as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

The former Tehran ambassador to the Vatican, Hajjah al-Islam Hadi Khusraw-Shahi, died after being infected with the Coruna virus.

The Iranian president's assistant for women's and family affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, was also infected with the virus, Anatolia news agency reported. According to the "Tasnim" news agency, Khosrauchahi was transferred to the "Masih Danishor" hospital in the capital, Tehran, for treatment after being suspected of contracting the virus.

After making sure of his injury, the former diplomat underwent treatment that did not last long, and ended up with his death on Thursday, at the age of 81. The Iranian Ministry of Health has announced that the number of deaths in the country has increased to 26, and recorded 245 cases.

Khusraushahi was born in the state of Tabriz in 1939, and after the Iranian revolution in 1979 he became Khomeini's representative in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for two years, and served as head of the Iranian representation in Cairo, and ambassador to the Vatican for various periods.

The infallible Iranian President for Women and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, was infected with the emerging virus, at a time when the public relations official of the Iranian Ministry of Health, Kyanosh Jehanpur, announced that the number of Corona victims in his country had increased to 26 deaths and 245 injuries.

The media advisor to Ibtikar, Fareba Ibtihaj, confirmed to the official Iranian news agency, Ibtikar, adding that all members of the President's aide team have conducted tests to ensure that the infection is not transmitted to them, and the results will appear on Saturday.

In the context of the high incidence of the virus, the infection was transmitted to a member of Parliament and other officials.

The virus first appeared in Wuhan, central China, on December 12, 2019, but Beijing officially revealed it in mid-January 2020.

The World Health Organization declared a state of emergency on an international scale to counter the spread of the virus, which later spread to several countries, causing panic throughout the world.


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