Disclosure of Princess Hamzah bin Al Hussein's relationship with the Israeli Mossad

April 05, 2021
New details about the coup attempt in Jordan New details about the coup attempt in Jordan Who is Shaposhnik? Mossad officer suspected of involvement in the coup attempt in Jordan

Daily Times: - Reports are still circulating about the attempt to undermine the national security of the Kingdom of Jordan and the coup against King Abdullah.

Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein was involved in the operation and his relationship with a former officer in the Israeli Mossad.

Despite his admission that he offered Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein's wife to take her out of Jordan to a foreign country, the Israeli Roy Shaposnik denied any connection with the Mossad, and stated that he is an Israeli businessman residing in Europe.

But Shabushnik confirmed that he is a close friend of Prince Hamzah, and that he offered to help his wife.

Walla revealed new details about Shabushnik (41 years), including his links with the American businessman, Eric Prince, owner of the notorious Blackwater security company.

Shabushnik began his political career as a political activist in the "Kadima" party, and later worked as an advisor for the affairs of the Negev and the Galilee in the office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Shaposhnik also worked for a US security company owned by businessman Eric Pence. After that, Shaposhnik established his own company that provided the United States government and other governments with logistical services, and in the same context Shaposnik provided services to Pence, which trained Iraqi soldiers in Jordan.

During one of his visits to Jordan, a mutual friend introduced him to Prince Hamzah, then the matter turned into a close personal friendship between the two families of Prince Hamzah Shaposnik.

Prince Hamzah sent Shabushnik a message informing him of what was going on. Then, according to Ravid, Shaposnik called Prince Hamzah's wife and offered her to send a plane to take her and her children to Germany, until the period of anger ended.

Then the communication between them was cut off.

Al-Safadi: Foreign bodies contacted Prince Hamzah

Earlier, the Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, stated that foreign parties (he did not name her) contacted Prince Hamzah's wife after he was informed by the Chief of Staff of the Army to stop "the movements and activities that are used to target the country's security."

Safadi added that "this person has been exposed and dealt with."

And on social media, on Sunday, a new audio recording of Prince Hamzah described the circumstances of the warning he received by the Jordanian Army Chief of Staff.

In the audio recording, which has a duration of 42 seconds, Hamzah says that the Chief of Staff “threatened him, in the name of the directors of the (security) services,” and added that he recorded the chief of staff’s speech and circulated it to his acquaintances outside Jordan.

Prince Hamzah confirmed that he would not abide by the decisions of the Chief of Staff.

Safadi: Prince Hamzah communicated with external parties

Safadi also mentioned that Prince Hamzah contacted foreign parties to "destabilize the country" in coordination with the former head of the royal court, Bassem Awadallah.

Safadi added that the conversation is not only about intentions and plans, but about setting dates for action, and that Prince Hamzah, after the army chief of staff met him on Saturday, contacted Awadallah at 14:22.

Safadi mentioned that Prince Hamzah refused to respond to the request, and dealt with it negatively.

Al-Safadi added that there are those who tried to weaken Jordan's role in its regional environment, and continued that King Abdullah was presented in the form of developments, and that he requested to deal with Prince Hamzah within the Hashemite family, and that Prince Hamzah's movements were fully controlled and killed.

Safadi denied arresting soldiers.

In a video clip, Prince Hamzah indicated that a number of his friends and acquaintances had been arrested, his escort was withdrawn, and communication and internet lines were cut off.

The Emir affirmed that he was not part of “any conspiracy or organization that obtains external funding,” but he criticized “the collapse of the system of governance, corruption and inefficiency in managing the country,” and preventing criticism of the authorities.

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