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Friday, 14 February 2020 21:37

Egypt is completely safe from the new Corona virus

The arrival of a Chinese person in Egypt who is a carrier of the Coronavirus The arrival of a Chinese person in Egypt who is a carrier of the Coronavirus

Cairo:- After the arrival of a Chinese person to Egypt, and the discovery that he is carrying the new Corona virus, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that Egypt is completely safe and quarantine procedures in airports and ports are applied with the highest professional standards to prevent corona virus leakage into the country.

All the precautions were cleared and taken at Cairo Airport, which prevents any infection altogether, and all the people who were close to the Chinese person who was infected with Corona virus were isolated.

The sources added that the Chinese passenger who is currently infected with Corona virus in the quarantine camp in Marsa Matruh and receives the necessary treatment and his condition is completely stable and receives all amenities according to the international protocol of treatment.

There is also a team from the World Health Organization who is following his case closely and around the clock.

The sources pointed out that the Chinese passenger arrived at the camp in a self-sterilized ambulance and was quickly and isolated, and will undergo treatment until his condition is stable, and analyzes will be made for him daily to check on whether he is a carrier of the virus or has fully recovered, and that the camp is completely safe, and there is complete separation and isolation of the pregnant person Virus from the rest of the camp residents.

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