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Egypt opens a new page with Qatar

January 12, 2021
Egypt opens a new page with Qatar Egypt opens a new page with Qatar

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt began implementing the first steps of reconciliation with Qatar that resulted from the Al-Ula summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be the last country among the four countries that boycotted Doha to open its airspace to Qatari airlines after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

Egypt lifted the air embargo on Qatari flights and allowed them to cross Egyptian airspace.

The Egyptian aviation authority said in a statement: "Egypt decided to lift the air embargo it imposed on Qatari airlines flights to Egypt, open airspace, and resume flights after a 3-year break."

The head of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, Ashraf Noyer, stated that after the decision to lift the ban, EgyptAir and Qatar Airways, as well as private companies, are entitled to resume air traffic at the airports of the two countries, and to send flight operating schedules to the Egyptian and Qatari civil aviation authorities for approval.

Navigational sources stated that Qatari planes were allowed to cross Egyptian airspace, and added that Qatar Airways aircraft had received instructions and some through Egyptian airspace during his flights, and the sources indicated that the decision includes landing aircraft also in emergency situations.

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