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In charge of forming the Tunisian government, Elias Fakhfakh: These parties do not exist Elias El-Fakhah's government is not expected to include all parties

In charge of forming the Tunisian government, Elias Fakhfakh: These parties do not exist

Tunisia- Palace of Hospitality: - Elias El-Fakhfakh, the official in charge of forming the Tunisian government, said that there are parties in which neither the revolutionary nor the popular trend is available, and therefore he did not summon them, as part of his efforts to form the second government, after the October 2019 elections.

He explained in this context that he had not summoned the Heart of Tunisia and the Free Constitutional Party, "because the majority of the Tunisian people voted extensively for Qais Said and that he derived his legitimacy from the President of the Republic."

And Al-Fakhfakh added that the heart of Tunisia (38 seats) and the Free Constitutional Party (17 seats) do not respond to the demands of the voters in the second presidential round, stressing that the lack of their participation does not mean excluding them, saying: "It is natural that we find parties in the opposition, which also has a role to play.

Politically involved. Regarding my party, the Movement of Long Live Tunisia and the Democratic Current, the two parties that nominated him to President Qais Saeed, as head of government after the fall of the government of Habib al-Gamli, al-Fakhakh stressed that they do not necessarily have "priority in forming the government."

The leader of the Ennahda Movement, which has a relative majority in Parliament, and Speaker of the People's Assembly, Rashid Ghannouchi, has stated that the government must be political and inclusive of all sects without exclusion, except for those who wanted to exclude themselves, stressing the necessity of the participation of the Heart of Tunisia party.

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