Thursday, 24 September 2020

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Iran planned to assassinate a diplomat close to the US President The Ambassador of the United States of America to South Africa, Lana Marks

Iran planned to assassinate a diplomat close to the US President

Egyptian news vision: - The United States of America accused Iran of planning to assassinate its ambassador to South Africa, Lana Marx, in revenge for the killing of the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, according to what the US "Politico" website said, citing intelligence reports.

Also, the Iranian embassy in Pretoria (the center of executive management for South Africa) was involved in the plot.

While the US intelligence community was not sure why the Iranians targeted Marx, one of the officials suggested that the close relationship between it and the US President, Donald Trump, was the reason.

Politico pointed out that the Tehran regime has had a black history of carrying out assassinations outside Iran's borders, as well as taking hostages, since seizing power in the wake of the "Khamenei revolution" in the late 1970s.

In recent decades, Iran has generally avoided targeting US diplomats directly, although militias backed by Tehran attacked American targets and people in Iraq after Soleimani was killed.

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