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Israeli normalization buses will not run in Morocco Morocco says there are no commercial agreements with Israel

Israeli normalization buses will not run in Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco - Rabat: - The Justice and Development Party, which leads the ruling coalition in Morocco, denied importing buses from Israel and using them for public transport, explaining that: "No Israeli bus has been and will not be imported for public transport," noting that "what has been published in this regard with some sites and social networks Not true at all. "

At the end of the year 2019, the Kingdom of Morocco denied the existence of any commercial relations with Israel, according to a government spokesman. Italian media had said that used Israeli buses would roam the streets of Casablanca, the economic capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.

And the Moroccan "Hespress" website quoted the Italian media as saying that "Rome refused to license used Israeli buses, which led to their transfer in a semi-secret operation to Morocco."

While the Italian newspaper “El Messagero” said that the urban transport agency in the capital “Atac” purchased 70 Israeli buses for an amount of approximately 4.6 million euros (5.02 million dollars), but that the local authorities had refused their license, in May 2019, because it is more than ten years old , And it belongs to the polluting "Euro 5" category, which European licensing blocks.

The newspaper also confirmed that David Bordoni, advisor to the City Council of Rome, asked the city's mayor to disclose "the clues of the intelligence story and how Israeli buses arrive in Morocco," and also called for the disclosure of the party that bears the losses incurred by "Atak" due to the failed operation.

This big scandal was likely to shock the Kingdom's economic capital, which is led by the Islamist-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP), which opposes normalization with Israel, according to the Moroccan website.

This comes as previous news said that Morocco had received 3 drones from Israel.


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