Joint training between the Egyptian and Spanish naval forces

February 20, 2021
Joint training between the Egyptian and Spanish naval forces Joint training between the Egyptian and Spanish naval forces

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Egyptian and Spanish naval forces carried out transient naval training within the Southern Fleet in the Red Sea, with the participation of the Egyptian frigate (Sharm el-Sheikh) and the Spanish frigate (ESPS Reina Sofia).

The training included many training activities, including specialized training in favor of imposing surveillance on suspected ships and maritime security procedures, as well as various sailing formations that demonstrated the ability of the joint maritime units to carry out their tasks accurately and proficiently, in addition to carrying out night transportation exercises, as well as exchanging helicopter landing exercises. On the roofs of marine units.

This training is the second of its kind within a short period of time, with the participation of the Spanish naval forces, which have deep experiences in these fields, which reflects the importance of these joint exercises in consolidating bilateral relations (Egyptian / Spanish) and enhancing the prospects for military cooperation between the two countries, which effectively contributes to preserving Security and maritime stability in the region.

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