Morocco participates in the Israeli "Hackathon"

March 29, 2021
Moroccan Developers Contributing to Israel in the "Hackathon" Moroccan Developers Contributing to Israel in the "Hackathon"

Egypt, Suez, Daily Times / The "hackathon" organized by the UAE in cooperation with several Israeli institutions was an opportunity to normalize the Kingdom of Morocco with Tel Aviv, as young programmers from Morocco participated in this demonstration.

Among the Israeli institutions that participated in the "hackathon" are the "Israel Is" Foundation, the "Peres" Center for Peace, the Israeli National Center for Innovation and Startups, and the Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, was the one who launched this initiative.

Young people from Bahrain, the UAE and Israel also participated in this demonstration to create a "new platform for communication between entrepreneurs and talented youth," according to the organizers.

The hackathon, which lasted for three days, is a gathering of developers, programmers and entrepreneurs sponsored by the Israeli Presidency, which opens the door to the possibility of Israel entering the arena of technology and information development in Morocco.

The meeting knew about the challenges of the post-Corona phase, with a focus on the fields of entrepreneurship, education and tourism, as the participants will present initiatives and plans to contribute to overcoming the expected challenges in the countries of the region in the future, and quoted the organizers as their assertion that young people are "a major engine for promoting normalization between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco." And their initiatives provide opportunities for new creative ideas. "

Israel is one of the global powers in the field of technology, since since 2013 it has become the second in the world in the field of high-tech and high-tech technology after South Korea, surpassing Finland, Sweden and Japan as well as the United States of America and all European Union countries, according to the "Grant Thornton" Foundation. International.

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