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One of them is in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia, to find two Turkish submarines The jamming of Turkish submarines confirms that the world military map has changed

One of them is in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia, to find two Turkish submarines

Egyptian News Vision: - After the military scandal that affected Turkey and the loss of two diesel submarines, Type 212, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the recent period, some sources suggested that Germany was able to find them, and while it was able to decipher the confusion caused by the two submarines, but they did not announce the party This confusion to reduce the scandal, which undoubtedly affected the German arms industry.

According to the same sources, Germany was able to locate the two Turkish "Type" submarines, which were made in Germany, lost in the Mediterranean, and one of them was in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia.

German experts say that they have repeatedly warned Turkey of the necessity of the presence of electronic warfare officers onboard submarines, but Turkey does not care about modern electronic warfare methods, especially if it is clicked in contrast to some countries that have the latest methods of the world in this war.

Turkey had contributed to a previous scandal of German weapons development during the war in Syria and the weak experience of its fighters in the use of German Leopard tanks, which negatively affected its sales and the trend of arms importers towards eastern tanks such as the Russian t90.

According to the sources, Germany may consider a decision to ban the sale of spare parts or technical maintenance for these two submarines to Turkey, pending the retraining of its officers on electronic warfare and how to use it.

Some German leaders have stated that the jamming that took place has not been determined since it was thanks to an integrated electronic work system in which air and electronic platforms with sea and land platforms participated.

It is striking that he participated in electronic blinds, satellite platforms, and whoever did this jam raised the hat to him, he used a very sophisticated technique, which we thought existed only in the five major countries only.

It was added, "But we must admit that the military map of the world has completely changed in the past years in one of the African countries of the Middle East."


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