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Passenger plane crash in Tatarstan

Sunday, 10 October 2021
23 dead, injured in Russian airliner crash 23 dead, injured in Russian airliner crash Rescuing the victims of the Russian plane that crashed in Tatarstan

#international_vision, A passenger airliner, L-410 Turbolit, crashed near a city in the Tatarstan region; As a result, 16 people were killed and seven wounded.

The plane crashed immediately after taking off from an airport near the city of Menzelinsk - eastern Tatarstan, with two pilots and 21 paratroopers from the local club on board.

The plane that crashed was carrying a group of skydivers, and seven people were rescued alive. It is a short-range two-engine transport plane.

According to Russian media, the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan confirmed that the seven injured were taken to a local hospital for treatment, adding that the condition of one of them is "very serious."

Emergency personnel continue to search and retrieve the victims of the disaster.