Shooting randomly in California, USA

April 01, 2021
4 killed in a shooting in California, USA 4 killed in a shooting in California, USA

Since the beginning of 2021, the United States has witnessed a series of mass shootings in which dozens of people were killed and wounded.

America, Daily Times: - A shooting accident occurred randomly in Orange County, southern California, USA, and 4 people were killed, including a child, inside an administrative office building; While two others were wounded, one of them was the shooter.

The US police said: They have taken control of the site; Noting that the situation is no longer a threat to the masses, the suspect was also transferred to the hospital.

Shootings are common in the United States, and they often happen in schools, malls, and even public places; As successive US administrations have failed to put an end to these killings.

The newspaper "Orange County Register" America, that a live broadcast on Facebook posted by a resident who lives near the office, showed officers carrying a person who was still from the building, and officers providing assistance to another person.

The video clip showed officers removing two pistols from a person lying motionless on the ground. Officers were seen driving two others, handcuffed, away.

And President Joe Biden called - about two months ago - to pass laws that reform legislation to sell firearms permitted in the country.

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