The first transfer of US power amid security concerns, video

January 17, 2021
The first transfer of US power amid security concerns, video The first transfer of US power amid security concerns, video

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A state of anticipation in the American street with the beginning of the countdown to the inauguration of the US president-elect, Joe Biden, as the fifty major American states, and the capital, Washington, have intensified security measures and raised the level of alert in anticipation of possible armed demonstrations from supporters of the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

The first transfer of US power amid security concerns, video

This is the first time that you have gone through the process of handing over power with such disturbances and security calculations.

The National Guard was deployed in Washington to prevent any attempts to disturb security, similar to what happened about 10 days ago when demonstrators stormed the Congress headquarters.

The FBI has warned of armed demonstrations by Trump supporters in all 50 states.

The Biden team is preparing to roll back a number of Trump's high-profile policy decisions.

According to local media reports, as soon as Biden enters the White House, he begins issuing decrees that will distance himself completely from his predecessor's policy. Skip topics that interest you and keep reading

Among these decisions:

  • Bringing the United States back to the Paris Climate Change Agreement to reduce carbon emissions
  • Cancel the controversial entry ban imposed on those coming to the United States from most Islamic countries.
  • The imposition of wearing masks in government buildings and while traveling between states.

Most Washington, DC neighborhoods will be closed on Wednesday, with National Guard forces in the thousands.

Concrete and iron barriers have been placed miles from the entrances to the streets leading to the headquarters of Congress and the squares that witnessed violence last week.

Commercial areas that were the destination of thousands during the presidential inaugurations were also closed at the request of the president's guard.

Biden's team asked the Americans not to travel to Washington due to the spread of the Corona virus, and to only follow the inauguration ceremony from a distance.

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