The Libyan parliament approves the army's mandate and the trial of Fayez al-Sarraj

The General Command of the Libyan Armed Forces gained new powers under a mandate from the House of Representatives, which voted on the army's mandate to disrupt the airfields, ports, and landports, which are under the control of the militias.

This Libyan parliamentary move is an expression of the rejection of the Turkish intervention, which came at the invitation of the Fayez al-Sarraj government in Tripoli.

The Libyan Parliament, which is the only elected legitimate body in the country, has taken a number of important decisions, most notably the severing of ties with Turkey, and the cancellation of the two marine and security memoranda of understanding signed between the Tripoli government and its Turkish counterpart.

A unanimous vote was taken to refer the signatories of the two agreements to the judiciary for "high treason", and it is related to al-Sarraj and his foreign and interior ministers and everyone who contributed to him in signing.

The House of Representatives also called on the United Nations Security Council to withdraw recognition from the Saraj government.

And if the official Egyptian position was clear from the beginning of the signing of the agreement on delineating the maritime borders between Fayez al-Sarraj and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then the Council of Senior Scholars at Al-Azhar called in a statement addressed to the countries of the world "in the forefront of which are the Islamic countries and international institutions concerned with the maintenance of international peace and security," affirming their support for the position Egyptian to maintain the security and safety of the entire region.

The statement issued by the commission after the emergency meeting held to discuss the events that Libya is going through, added that "any external interference on Libyan soil is corruption on the ground, and a spoil that will only lead to further complicating the situation there, spilling more blood and killing innocent lives."

The commission called on "all Libyan brothers to prevail over the voice of reason and wisdom and refuse to be taunted abroad, because this represents the destruction of Libya's future and the fragmentation of its territorial integrity, and the tearing of the bonds of brotherhood among its children."

The statement also stressed that the Senior Scholars Association "supports the Egyptian position to preserve the security and safety of Egypt and the security of the entire region, and to maintain it to the maximum degree of diplomacy."

He added that members of the Council of Senior Scholars "hope that this conflict will end, and that we all avoid the dangers of wars and the scourge of conflicts that must be avoided in every possible way."

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