Moscow: - The parties from Egypt and Turkey will gather in the Russian capital for an agreement to bridge the rifts between the east and west of Libya.

Egyptian and Turkish officials will meet with the head of the Libyan National Accord government, Fayez al-Sarraj, and the military commander, Khalifa Haftar, in Moscow to sign the terms of the ceasefire agreement in Libya, according to reports.

Al-Sarraj and head of the Supreme Council of State in Tripoli, Khaled al-Mashri, announced their intention to sign the armistice.

Lev Dingov, head of the Russian contact group on Libya, was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying that Haftar and Al-Sarraj will determine in Moscow "future settlement methods in Libya, including the possibility of signing a truce agreement and details of this document."

Al-Mashri indicated that he will accompany Al-Sarraj to Moscow, while the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament will accompany Aqila Saleh, Field Marshal Hifter, who has been trying unsuccessfully since April 2019 to control Tripoli.

RIA Novosti news agency quoted a Libyan source as saying that Haftar had already arrived in Moscow.

Dingov pointed out that both Haftar and Al-Sarraj will meet "separately with Russian officials and with representatives of the Turkish delegation cooperating with Russia on this file", noting that officials from Egypt and the UAE will also likely be present as observers in the talks.

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