The Pentagon plans to create a super-powerful AI that is "doomed to failure"

January 01, 2021
There are 4 machines of artificial intelligence There are 4 machines of artificial intelligence Source // sputniknews

Source // sputniknews // Dubai // United Arab Emirates // The main reason for the US focus on using artificial intelligence in the development of the US army was the focus of a talk show with a Russian military expert, who said that the desire to win the war is always the reason.

"The new program to develop US weapons until 2030 includes a strong focus on developing artificial intelligence, and the Pentagon has already started conducting digital military exercises in Louisiana to hone digital technology and military skills," said Russian military expert Alexei Lyonkov.

"Americans cannot boast of having a strategy that will make them always win wars. The US military cannot boast of successes and victories in many wars either. They are constantly looking for a way to always win. So they choose to focus on artificial intelligence. AI soldiers are faster, don't hesitate, don't get sick, and can fight for 24 hours without stopping. ”

At the same time, Alexei Leonkov noted that the Pentagon's plans to create a super-powerful AI are "doomed to failure".

The expert concluded, saying: "They are far from the target, their American scientists have made it clear; there are 4 machines of artificial intelligence:

  • An interactive machine like Deep Blue that beat Kasparov in chess.
  • Machines where all possibilities are limited by their software.
  • Machines that interact with the psychosomatic state - determine mood, motivation, and desire.
  • The fourth type: a self-aware machine, and American scientists say that such machines are distant and unrealistic. But the Pentagon strategy says that this is a 2030 vision. "
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