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The secrets of Arab normalization with Israel Netanyahu: Israel is living a revolution in its relations with Arab countries

The secrets of Arab normalization with Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an exceptional interview with the Arabic Hala TV station broadcasting in Hebrew from inside Israel that he had led a number of visits to Arab countries, and that normalization was increasing rapidly, not only because of the common Iranian threat, but also because of a passion Arab countries with Israeli technology.

Netanyahu said that Israel is living in an excellent position compared to some Arab countries, thanks to the openness it is adopting in foreign policy, especially with Arab countries.

He also said that in his dialogues with Arab leaders "secretly and publicly" he proposes establishing peace with them before resolving the conflict with the Palestinians, and went on to say, "We will also reach settlements and understandings with the Palestinians, but the matter is related to Arab leaders, they are 99% of the Arab world, and it is inconceivable that it will be frustrated." 1% of our relationship with 99%.

Netanyahu revealed that Arabs in Israel will soon be able to travel to Islamic sanctuaries in Saudi Arabia, directly from Israel, and until now, Arabs in Israel have visited Saudi Arabia with temporary Jordanian passports, due to the lack of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

"I am revolutionizing our relations with the Arab world, today the Israelis are flying over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," Netanyahu said, referring to Riyadh allowing Indian Airlines to travel through its airspace on its flights to and from Israel.

"A week ago, the Israeli Interior Minister issued a decree, after consulting me, that allows the Israelis to visit Saudi Arabia, and this is part of the revolution," Netanyahu said.

"I think we will soon reach a situation where the Israelis can reach direct flights to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, at a lower financial cost than what they are paying today," he said.

"This is what it should be and this is what will ultimately be." 10 years ago, Netanyahu said, if I said that we are establishing relations with all Arab countries, with the exception of one or two Islamic countries, people would have said that I am talking nonsense, but this is what is happening today.

In response to whether he has withdrawn his support for the two-state solution, he answered, "I told US President Donald Trump, that I am ready to negotiate on the basis of his proposed peace plan between us and the Palestinians known as the 'deal of the century."

The reluctance of the Palestinian Authority is causing a catastrophe for the Palestinian people, if The Palestinian Authority has never been ready for a settlement, as President Trump came up with a plan that gives them the opportunity to live with national dignity and self-determination. "

Netanyahu added, "There is one thing that I do not hide, that security control west of the Jordan River will and will remain in the hands of Israel."

Netanyahu explained that "if there is no - God forbid - Israeli security control there, then ISIS will enter, Iran will enter, extremist elements who will return to everything we represent here will enter, and that will be a scourge for the Palestinian Authority as well."

Commenting on the Palestinians' aspirations to establish a state on the 1967 borders, Netanyahu said, "We will not return to the situation that was before 1967, Jerusalem (East), for example, what will you be returned?

There are 300,000 Israelis who live there, what will we say to them? We will displace you! This!" It will not happen, it is fiction. "

"You cannot go back to before 67, nor can you go back to before 1917, but this is the official position of the Palestinian Authority.

They say they will cancel the Balfour Declaration, and they are suing Britain for the Balfour Declaration," he said, considering it a "disaster." "Trump came and put forward another proposal about what the Palestinians believe, I think the most important principle is first and foremost, to recognize reality, and to realize that there are two peoples living side by side here, and there is a need to create a framework for coexistence and security as well.

If there is no Security, everything will collapse, look around you, look at Syria, look at Yemen, look at what is happening in Iraq, see even what happens unfortunately in Lebanon, let alone other places, and compare that to the situation in Israel under my policy, we live here In complete peace, relatively large, this is not a coincidence. It is the result of a combination of two policies that they adopted: the first Z firm on security, openness and the second foreign-policy.

Especially with Arab countries. " And Netanyahu touched on a clause in the "Deal of the Century", describing it as a "bubble."

There is talk of a clause proposing to annex the "Triangle" area in Israel, which is inhabited by Arabs, to the future Palestinian state, in exchange for annexing parts of the West Bank to Israel. "Everyone knows that this clause is nonsense.

The last thing I believe in is that no one should be displaced from his home, and it will not be done, and there is none of this in the 'deal of the century'.

There are some vague, meaningless phrases, because there is no consent On either side, it will not happen. "


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