The supervisor of the investigations into the Donald Trump allegations has resigned

November 10, 2020
Donald Trump's campaign is seeking an emergency injunction in Pennsylvania to block the state's approval of Democratic candidate Joe Biden's victory. Donald Trump's campaign is seeking an emergency injunction in Pennsylvania to block the state's approval of Democratic candidate Joe Biden's victory. Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: The US Justice Department official who was to oversee investigations into the allegations of outgoing US President Donald Trump, Richard Pilger, has resigned following the US Department of Justice’s decision that federal prosecutors begin investigations into alleged voting irregularities in the presidential election.

"After I got to know the new policy and its consequences ... I must unfortunately resign from my position," he wrote in an email to his colleagues.

These investigations are usually the prerogative of each state, but Attorney General William Barr said this rule is not strict.

A Trump spokeswoman pledged that the legal battle to challenge Biden's victory was still in its infancy.

"This election isn't over," White House press secretary Kylie McNani told a news conference. "It's beyond that."

The attorney general wrote that federal prosecutors can conduct investigations "if there are clear and credible allegations of wrongdoing, and if so, it is likely to affect the outcome of the state's federal election."

Barr said plaintiffs should only consider "material allegations" of wrongdoing, and "allegations that are deceptive, speculative, delusional or far-fetched should be ignored."

He acknowledged that only the states bear the primary responsibility for conducting the elections, but said that the Department of Justice "has an obligation to ensure that the federal elections are conducted in a manner that makes the American people fully trust the electoral process and their government."

Separately, the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania, seeking an emergency order to prevent state officials from certifying Biden's victory in the state.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro described the lawsuit as "baseless".

And prosecutors in Republican-controlled states threw their weight behind the president's challenge to the election results.

The 10 state prosecutors have briefed the state's high courts in support of the Trump campaign case in Pennsylvania.

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