The US Army has deployed B-52H nuclear warheads

November 22, 2020

Vision Egypt News: - The US Central Command announced the arrival of the B-52H bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the Middle East, where the US military deployed them on a long mission, less than two months before the departure of the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

According to "Egypt News for News" sources in American Manhattan, people are apprehensive of Donald Trump's insistence on not declaring his loss in the presidential elections, and they have begun precautionary measures for fear of going out of control.

Some also fear that Donald Trump will involve America in a war that guarantees his survival in the presidency after losing to the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

The US military has released photos of the fighters taking off from the Mino Airfus base in North Dakota in light snow.

The exact destination of these warplanes has not been revealed, although the Central Command has in the past deployed them at Al Udeid base in the State of Qatar, where US bombers were deployed earlier this year 2020 and the year before, following clashes between the United States and the Islamic Republic in Iran.

This step came while the US Secretary of State was touring the region, which included Turkey and Qatar.

The surprise mission was announced on the same day that Mike Pompeo was visiting Doha and meeting Taliban leaders amid efforts to reach an Afghan peace agreement between the movement and the government in Kabul.

This also coincides with tension between Tehran and Washington, especially after news attributed to the outgoing President Donald Trump nominated a project that his aides had aborted, indicating the Republican administration’s intention to launch a military strike on Iran before the beginning of next year, the date President Joe Biden took the helm of power in Washington.

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