Thursday, 24 September 2020

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These Arab countries are on their way to normalization with Israel The first Arab and Islamic country on the way to normalization with Israel

These Arab countries are on their way to normalization with Israel

Egyptian news vision: - International news sites began circulating news about other Arab countries heading for the star of normalization with Israel, after the UAE and Bahrain.

Those sites also reported news about the first non-Arab Islamic country to open relations with Israel, which is Pakistan.

And these sites added that the Sultanate of Oman and Sudan will fully normalize relations with Israel.

CNN says that White House sources say that Washington is looking forward to concluding new normalization agreements with the Sultanate of Oman and Sudan, in addition to Morocco, while some observers have added Pakistan as the first non-Arab Islamic country to sign the normalization of relations with Israel.

The Hebrew newspaper "Israel Hayom" quoted Noor Dahari, the independent British-Pakistani researcher who heads the Islamic Institute for Combating Terrorism, ITCT, as saying: "Pakistan has national interests that do not allow them to launch an open relationship with Israel, but they do not close the door to this possibility."

Dahari said: "The two countries have been sharing intelligence and military information for decades, and Pakistan has never viewed the Hebrew state as an enemy state, and it is likely that an agreement will be reached with it in the future."

"There are a number of countries that are queuing up and waiting to join the agreements, including the Sultanate of Oman, Sudan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, and Qatar might join such an agreement with Israel sooner or later," Dahari added.

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