Trump from the White House to the judiciary

January 11, 2021
Trump from the White House to the judiciary Trump from the White House to the judiciary

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- It seems that the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, will be the first president to leave the back doors of the White House into the courtroom, stripped of all the privileges he would have had in the event of his admitting defeat and helping the smooth transfer of power to the president-elect, Joe Biden.


Donald Trump's arrogance pushed Biden to demand removal of Trump as he said, "He should not remain in office."

Biden said, in a brief speech to reporters after receiving the second dose of the Corona vaccine: “Today I spoke with some members of the Senate about the impeachment of the president, and whether there will be any dealings with the impeachment effort in one day and another day to pass it in the Senate .. And this is what I hope ".

On the events of Congress, Biden said: "I have been briefed and I think it is very important to confront those who sowed discord, destroyed property and caused damage ... they should be held accountable."

For her part, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the House will consider implementing the 25th amendment to the constitution to remove Trump from the post after Republicans obstructed the Democrats' initial attempt to introduce the legislation to the House and then proceed with impeachment legislation.

She said Democrats leading the House of Representatives are asking Vice President Mike Pence to respond within 24 hours of the legislation being passed calling for him to mobilize the Trump government to remove the president under Amendment 25.

She explained in a statement, "In our next step, we will go ahead with introducing impeachment legislation in the Council. The president's threat to America is urgent, and we will also act in kind."

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