Turkish "TAV" causes the closure of Tunisia's airports

February 19, 2021
Turkish "TAV" causes the closure of Tunisia's airports Turkish "TAV" causes the closure of Tunisia's airports

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Foreign planes may be forced to divert their destinations or stop their flights to Tunis Carthage airport after a strike by the two worlds of the Tunisian Airlines company, which caused the suspension of the company's aircraft and the suspension of ground services.

This comes on the heels of the Tunisian Airlines unions announcing an open-ended strike, and the suspension of air transport and all flights, even domestic ones.

The activity of unloading these foreign aircraft has also stopped due to a strike by Tunisian Airlines, and it may be that their flights to Tunis may be canceled or postponed.

This strike came against the background of the Turkish company "TAV" which exploits Enfidha airport, withholding all bank accounts of the Tunisian Airlines complex.

According to Tunisian Airlines, the dues of the Turkish company are estimated at 267 billion Tunisian dinars (the equivalent of 80 million euros).

For its part, the Turkish company announced that the amount represents commercial debts for Enfidha and Monastir airport, which have accumulated for years, requiring Tunisian Airlines to pay even part of its debts.

Tunis-Carthage airport witnessed a disruption in some services, and Tunisian Airlines' airport agents entered a strike that turned into an open sit-in at the airport to demand their financial dues.

The Secretary General of the Union delivered a speech in which he expressed the Labor Union's support for this move aimed at saving the air carrier from bankruptcy and selling the national capital.

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