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US President Joe Biden and the mentality of Abdul Hakim Amer

Friday, 27 August 2021
The American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the scenario of the 1967 setback The American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the scenario of the 1967 setback Will the American Marines take revenge on Khorasan, as the Egyptian army did in 1973?

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The US President, Joe Biden, was not better fortunate than the late Egyptian Minister of War, Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer (December 11, 1919 - September 1967), who ordered the Egyptian army to withdraw from the war against Israel without a withdrawal plan, which made them retreat in devastating chaos, the chaos that The US President saw it as a normal result of the decision to withdraw his forces from Afghanistan, according to an expression during Segal between him and the “Fox News” correspondent at the White House, where Biden held a press conference in the wake of the Kabul airport bombing, and the killing of about 100 people, including 13 Marines .

“Do you think people have a problem with the way things happened?” asked the journalist.

Biden's answer was, "I think they have a problem, which is that some people are likely to get injured. Some have been killed as we've seen, and that's messy."

He added that the reason why there had been no attacks on Americans since the beginning of his tenure in office was the commitment that Trump received from the Taliban.

And the British newspaper "Daily Mail" considered that Biden failed to answer the journalist's question.

If the Egyptian minister’s mistake was the infliction of his country’s defeat on an enemy that the Egyptian army tasted its bitterness in October 1973, it is not expected that the American Marines would return and avenge his soldiers from the Khorasan Organization, which would not have found fertile ground on which to reside, had it not been for the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A difficult equation that Washington emerged from, perhaps before it found itself once again re-history of the Vietnam War, but it was, at least, an opportunity during which Biden admitted that Republican President Donald Trump was more savvy than the Democrats.

For its part, Britain spared no effort before evacuating its embassy staff in Kabul, as it left behind all the documents that indicate the Khorassan organization on the Afghans who cooperated with it, while France decided to withdraw its ambassador from Afghanistan, as if the major countries began the journey of great escape from a fierce war began to draw its broad lines. Between the "Taliban" movement and the "Khorasan" organization.

With the dwindling of Al-Qaeda's investigations, and the end of ISIS, the deadliest will remain in the countries bordering Iran, despite China's declaration of its willingness to cooperate with the armed movement that has seized power in Afghanistan.