Violence and assassinations in Afghanistan push young people into "pocket cards"

January 13, 2021
Violence and assassinations in Afghanistan push young people into "pocket cards" Violence and assassinations in Afghanistan push young people into "pocket cards"

Dubai United Arab Emirates: In Afghanistan, young people expect that some normal chores such as going to work or visiting a friend will end with death, so they always carry a "pocket note" as soon as they leave their homes.

The paper clips carried by young Afghans help paramedics determine the blood type of the injured person and how to save his life.

The pocket note, which has become popular among young Afghans, contains the full name, blood group, and relatives' numbers, so that they can be contacted in the event of their sudden death kidnapping.

The pocket note could also contribute to the identification of a severely mutilated body, in a country where violence and assassinations escalate.

Since it signed an agreement with the United States in February 2020, the Taliban has curtailed mass attacks, but the country that has been at war for nearly two decades has seen a rise in assassinations targeting government employees, prosecutors, journalists, religious scholars, and civil society activists in almost daily attacks.

The government accused the Taliban of carrying out most of the killings, but the movement has repeatedly denied responsibility.

Some officials worry that at least some of the attacks are being perpetrated by political factions outside the Taliban to settle old scores, a worrying trend that could bring the country back into civil war.

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